Pinsa, Pizza, Focaccia, Bruschetta, Buns, etc

Variety of fine bakery products that adapt to your needs and desires: The simplicity, quality and taste of the handmade, guaranteed by certificates, food safety from prestigious producers, make these products essential for your bar, bistro, wine bar, restaurant or beach bar as well as for sports facilities, clubs, playgrounds, beer halls … and definitely at home!
Pizza with Tomato and Mozzarella (margherita), individually wrapped, eaten as is or by topping the ingredients of your choice.
Pizza Base with Sauce, with tasty tomato and basil sauce, ideal for letting your imagination run wild.
White Pizza Base, a multi-purpose product, cut into slices for the bread basket or to add the ingredients you wish, making even a sweet Pizza.
Pinsa base, easy to digest, aromatic and crunchy!
Pinsa Romana, a delicious and delicious invention: neither focaccia, nor pizza, but a dough unique in its kind. Very hydrated, with a long rise time and made from a special blend… durum wheat flour, rice flour and soy flour. Garnish as you prefer.
Pizza Snack, few ingredients but great taste! Margherita with fresh mozzarella without lactose.
Calzone, crafted by hand like in a pizzeria, this delicious calzone has a soft filling and flavors that invite you to discover them.
Focaccia Toscana, fluffy yet crunchy, with extra virgin olive oil and coarse salt, is the perfect alternative to bread or to create hearty sandwiches.
Gluten Free Pizza, with tomato and mozzarella, wheat free, lactose free and of course gluten free. For those with gluten intolerance or for those who simply choose a gluten free diet.
Here you will also find various choices of breads, like ; Kaiser buns, Ciabatta, multi-grain buns for Burgers, Pittarly and more…

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