The Kitchen Revolution! Oil Free Fries & Pizza in 5 mins!

Air Fryer Oil Free!! A truly revolutionary tool!
This product is addressed not only to those who want to have a nice figure but also to those who follow a healthy diet.
Should be a- must have- in every home but also in every Bistrot, Wine Bar, Restaurant, Beach Bar, Sports Facilities, Clubs, Playgrounds and Breweries that cannot or do not want to use the classic fryer.
This avoids the consumption of oil and the bad smell in the air. Ιn addition, there is a big time gain in cooking the food.
We recommend a series of products, which will be cooked in no time and you will have amazing results:
Arancini Siciliani, Polenta Sticks, Breaded Mozzarelle, Jalapenos Red and Green Peppers, great Veggie Burgers, French Fries and much more!

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