How to make Fresh Tomato Sauce

Tomato Sauce from Fresh Tomatoes is a simple Italian tasty sauce made with few simple ingredients. Called in Italy Salsa di Pomodoro, this luscious sauce is perfect to season any type of pasta. The best time to make it, is in summer when the tomatoes are fully ripe, tasty and fragrant. You can choose the variety of tomatoes you prefer to make it, like San Marzano tomatoes or vine tomatoes. You could even use small but very tasty tomatoes like cherry tomatoes or grape tomatoes. For an excellent tomato sauce, the first thing to do is to make the sauce at home.

To prepare the tomato sauce, wash the tomatoes well, cut them into quarters and place them in a sufficiently large saucepan.We have not reported doses because you can use as many tomatoes as you want.
Cook the tomatoes over high heat then, when they have released part of their water, adjust the heat so that it just simmers.
Cook for about an hour, stirring occasionally, then turn off and prepare to puree.
Use the vegetable mill by hand with the disc with small holes, but if you have the appropriate machine so much the better.
Put the vegetable mill on a smaller pot and a couple of ladles at a time puree the tomatoes.
Then put everything back on the heat and let it simmer again until it thickens. The choice of consistency is yours: the more it bubbles, the more it dries, the more the flavor is concentrated.
Distribute the still boiling tomato sauce into sterilized glass jars, close with a new cap and turn upside down.
Once completely cold, the vacuum will have formed (press the lid and check that it does not clack*) and you can store them in the pantry.

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