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Authentic pizza without a pizza maker!
The fragrance and the inimitable taste of the pizza are enhanced with this oven.
The key to making an optimal pizza is in fact cooking it at high temperature (400 degrees) for a few minutes: this way you cook the pasta without drying out the seasoning.
Typical home ovens do not reach these temperatures, but the refractory stone of which this oven is made, really makes the difference. Thus guaranteeing the same result of the best pizzeria ovens, thanks to the high temperatures reached (up to 400 degrees).
With this oven you will finally be able to cook a real pizza in just 5 minutes and in the meantime without cooking smoke or unpleasant smells.
For cooking in this oven, our pizza does not need to be defrosted, add the ingredients you prefer, and your customers will be surprised by the results.

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